Интересните растения на Беласица
Интересните растения на Беласица
Places to eat


  • At the square of the village Ano Poroia is the café-restaurant “Oasis” where you can  try boar and roe deer (003023270 51492).
  • The restaurant “Akroria” is near the church of St. George  offering local cuisine (00306973380620)
  • At the top of the village is the tavern “Plagia Belles” specialized in meat (003023270 51467).
  • The taverns “Vasileiou” (003023270 51493) and “Mpougazi” (003023270 51244) are specialized in goat and buffalo meat.
  • The visitor can try fish dishes at the tavern “Pestrofes” with its old wooden water mill (www.pestrofes.gr).
  • For those who want to have a coffee or a drink the “Art café of Stratis” (00306974895304) offers a cozy atmosphere.


  • At the restaurant of the hostel Oikoperiigitis, the visitor can try  buffalo, pork, fish specialties and other local food (00302327041450 & 00306947152240).
  • At the restaurant of the hostel Morfi, there is a variety of meat and fish dishes (00302327041036).
  • Elodia is a place for food and café with playground for children. There is a variety of local dishes (00302327041502).
  • The tavern “Dionysos” offers only grilled meat and fish (00302327041215).


  • The restaurant of the hotel Epavlis offers good cuisine with nice view to the lake (00302327028180).
  • Near the main square is the tavern Kioski specialized in souvlaki, meat balls and fresh salads.



  • At the square of the village is the tavern “Paradeisos” (00306974896745).



  • The tavern “Evora” at the road to Platanakia offers cozy environment and delicious dishes (00302327023395 & 00302327022283).



  • Grill tavern “Barbagiorgis” in the valley of the village (00302323031396).
  • Tavern “Oasis” in the valley of the village surrounded by trees (00302323031330).
  • Tavern “Billis” with a lot of local dishes surrounded by trees and small streams of water (00302323031314).

At the railway station is a café-restaurant offering a variety of local dishes and drinks (www.vyroneia.gr 00302323111205).

There is a café-restaurant up in the mountainous area of the village which is open during the whole year.
There is also a café-infokiosk at the pier of Mandraki where you can enjoy your coffee near the lake (00302327041450).

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