Интересните растения на Беласица
Интересните растения на Беласица
Churches and monasteries

The visitor can pass through many villages in the area. Every village has at least one church dedicated to a specific saint. Services are held every Saturday afternoon and Sunday and on feasts of saints. Two are the monasteries in the area which attract the visitors’ interest: the Monastery of John the Baptist at Acritochori Village and St. George Monastery at Monastiraki Village.

Monastery of John the Baptist (Timios Prodromos)

The Monastery is built north-west from the village of Acritochori. It was established in 1981. The E4/6 international road passes nearby having a panoramic view over Kerkini lake. The distance from the Monastery to Sidirokastro is about 24 Km.
A dependency of the Holy Monastery of Xenophon of Mount Athos, it is a convent with about 45 nuns living there.The sacred relics of St. Jacobs (brother of Jesus), of John the Baptist and of St. Anna can be seen in the Monastery.
In October 2012 the Ecumenical Patriarch consecrated the new church of the Monastery. The new church was built according to the architectural modelof the old church (10th century) of the St. Xenofontos Monastery, style of Mount Athos monasteries with cruciform domes. It is made of stone, marble and ceramic bricks. The Altar is painted by the nuns themselves.
The Monastery celebrates on 29th of August the Beheading of the Holy Prophet John the Baptist.
For more information you can contact the Monastery on the telephone numbers: (003023230) 71189, 71036.

Photo of the new section of the Monastery of John the Baptist

St. George Monastery at Monastiraki Village

The Monastery of St George is situated on a small hill, near the village of Monastiraki,. The view from the Monastery to the lake Kerkini is magnificent.
The Monastery was constructed at the beginning of the 19th century, a stone sign at the north wall of the church refers to 1807. The Monastery played an active role during the Balkan War.
Actually the Monastery is dedicated to St George and St Demetrius. The icon of St. Demetrius appeared in the dreams of a farmer and by an order of the Turkish pasha the church was constructed.
The visitor can see plenty of frescoes and style elements of the Arabic culture. It is open during the day as the only monk who lives there welcomes visitors whenever they come to the Monastery.
Photos from the interior of St George Monastery at Monastiraki Village

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