Интересните растения на Беласица
Интересните растения на Беласица

The liquid element provoked awe since the first human societies. There are many myths related to the river Strymonas. In some of them Strymonas appears as a king with a lot of children symbolizing the many run offs of the river. According to another legend Orpheas came out from Adis from the river Strymonas crying for the lost of his beloved Euridiki.

River Strymonas

Strymon River is one of the largest rivers on the Balkan Peninsula with a total length of 315 km up to the mouth of Lake Kerkini. It flows from Mount Vitosha in Bulgaria and following a south-eastern route (290 km in Bulgaria) it enters Greece near the village of Promachonas. After the village of Neo Petritsi it takes a west direction and forms the artificial lake Kerkini. The river exits the lake at the village of Lithotopos where the dam is, continues south-east and passing west of Amphipolis area it ends into Orfanou bay (77 km in Greece).
Strymon River has an average annual flow of 58 m3/sec, a minimum annual flow of 15 m3/sec in August and a maximum annual flow around 120 m3/ sec in April.

Lake Kerkini

Back in historical times Lake Kerkini used to be a marsh. After the first dam was constructed in 1932 and the second in 1982 the lake turned into a heaven for birds, a source of life for people and nature.
Lake Kerkini has a volume of approximately 289.010.000 m3 for a water level of +32.00 m (coronation dikes +33.60 m approximately). It is located 35 km from the city of Serres and its surface varies from 50000 to 73000 acres, depending on the fluctuation of the water level.

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