Интересните растения на Беласица
Интересните растения на Беласица
Transport corridors and border checkpoints

The 1-st class route I-1 or E -79 passes through the region of Petrich, where the Bulgarian part of Belasitsa is. This route provides the connection between the municipality, the  Blagoevgrad province and the capital, as well as Thessaloniki, Greece. The villages in the Podgorie are connected with this main line of communications through III198 and III108  3-rd class routes.
The distance  Sofia-Petrich is 175 km, Serres (Greece)- Petrich is 62 km, Thessaloniki( Greece)- Petrich is 132 km, Strumitsa( Macedoni)-Petrich is 53 km.
The villages in the Podgorie are connected not only among themselves, but also with III-198 through paved roads.
There are roads and paths from all inhabited places at the foot of the mountain to Belasitsa Nature park. Some of them lead to the ridge of the mountain, others- to the near natural sights or cultural and historical sites. There is access to all entrances of villages with your own transport. All the entrances are soil forest paths.
There is a paved road from Petrich to Belasitsa hut, which is the only one opened all year-round. If you want to go to Kongur hut, you should follow the paved road at first, which leads to Belasitsa hut, and then there are few more kilometers of dirt roads from the turnout. You could go from Samuilovo village to Lopovo hut only through dirt roads.
There are 2 border checkpoints in Petrich Municipality: Kulata- Greece on I-1 and Zlatarevo- Macedonia on III- 198.
The presence of border checkpoints to 2 neighboring countries, make the municipality, especially Belasitsa, quite appropriate for the development of  cross-border cooperation in tourism.
Bulgarian citizens could cross the border only with a valid ID card through the border checkpoints.
The popularity of Belasitsa is growing fast among nature- lovers. Tourists often visit places, which are near or particularly on the border with Greece or Macedonia. It’s important to keep in mind some of the rules, related to the special regime of this zone.
In case you intend to stay in the 300 m- zone to the frontier, you must have permission from the Chief Directorate “Border police”, Sofia. For that reason, you must hand in an application to CDBP with a brief description of your intention, 3 names and EGN( uniform civil number) of the passengers, as well as other contacts such as mobile phone number and e-mail. You must usually get the permission within a week.
Another option is to turn directly to the Regional Directorate “Border police”- the town of Smolyan( if you stay  near the Greek border) and also to the Regional Directorate “Border police”- the town of Kyustendil (if you stay near the Macedonian border).

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