Интересните растения на Беласица
Интересните растения на Беласица
Lake Kerkini National Park, Greece

National Park of Lake Kerkini was declared in the autumn of 2006, aiming to protect the national natural heritage and to secure the balanced co-existence between man-made and natural environment. The Park is situated on the borders with Bulgaria and FYR Macedonia and covers the Greek part of Belsitsa Mountain, Lake Kerkini and adjacent areas. The territory of the National Park covers the municipalities of Irakleia, Kerkini, Petritsi, Sidirokastro, Skotousa, Strymoniko, Aggistro and Promaxonas.

With its rich flora and fauna Lake Kerkini National Park is one of the most valuable protected areas in Greece. Lake Kerkini offers the ideal conditions for bird watching. It is one of the best places in Europe for natural watching of about 300 rare and protected bird species that live and breed here. Many scientists and nature-lovers from around the world visit the area every year.
The Park is managed by a Board of Directors and a Management Authority which was created in 2008 and consists of 12 employees.
The main tasks of Lake Kerkini Management Authority are:

  • Monitoring and planning of operational programs concerning the ecological parameters of the area;
  • Constant guarding and patrolling of the area;
  • Effective coordination of the responsible authorities;
  • Programs for environmental education, information and sensitization of the public and of the responsible authorities;
  • Ensuring social policy, cohesion and participation.

Specifically, among the main tasks of the National Park Management Authority are the constant protection and conservation of the species’ habitats, protection of the flora and fauna, especially the migratory bird species, protection of the water buffalos as well as promotion of activities like environmental education, bird watching and sustainable tourism.

The total protected territorycomprises an area of about 83,100 hectares. The area has been divided in four protected zones:

1. Strict Nature Reserve Zone
This zone encompasses the bird colonies in the riparian forest, the water-lilies bed and an area on the mountain Mavrovouni which is close to the lake. Scientific research, environmental education and nature’s management are the only permitted activities.
2. Nature’s Protection Zone
This zone consists of the lake and the river Strymonas. Many activities are permitted in this area under the condition of no adverse effects to the wetland. These activities may be fishing, tourism, etc.
3. Eco-development Zone A
This zone surrounds the lake and the river. Permitted are variety of activities provided that they are consistent with certain environmental procedures and regulations.
4. Eco-development Zone B
This zone succeeds the Zone A. It includes the most remote areas of the lake and the river which form the external borders of the protected territory. The majority of the human activities are permitted provided that they are consistent with the national laws and the environmental procedures.

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